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2010 Final Four

  • Gonzaga
    Yes, I always pick Gonzaga. But their road is easy if they upset the Orange, who all the sudden look beatable.
  • Kentucky
    I have them losing to Wisconsin in one of my pools, but I can't broadcast that to the world. Derrick Rose, Tyreke Evans and now John Wall -- nice PG situation the last few years for Mr. Calipari.
  • Duke
    I would have Purdue coming out of this region if they hadn't lost Robbie Hummel. Goofy Duke team just might have the combo to get to the Final Four.
  • Kansas
    Best "team" in the country. Tough to win two national championships in such a short time, but I think they do.


  • Missouri
    Nice uniforms - did you steal those from AHA circa 1982?
  • Pittsburgh
    Time to end the Pat Riley look Mr. Dixon.
  • Maryland
    You made the play Greivis, I thought you had won it.
  • Texas A & M
    Why should you be any different than my other picks?
  • Wisconsin
    Looked like they were the team from the Ivy League.
  • Gonzaga
    "If lovin' the Zags is wrong, then I don't want to be wrong."
  • BYU
    "Um, they don't play defense like this in the Mountain West."
  • New Mexico
    And just like that, New Mexico goes back to that state "I think somewhere between Texas and Arizona."
  • Kansas
    Let's be clear, this is not like losing to Bucknell. UNI has players and they play people. I still didn't see this coming.
  • Vanderbilt
    You know, I thought they were playing the University of Murray, not Murray State. Totally screwed me up.
  • Georgetown
    We learned what we already know. Make the 3 and anything is possible.
  • North Texas
    Alright, I didn't exactly say that you HAVE TO pick North Texas.
  • Butler
    OK. Maybe you are a real program.
  • Notre Dame
    Rejected by Notre Dame and Georgetown, BC grads were cheering this loss.